Sheltering the Homeless: Pastor’s Post 02/08/2023

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

This evening, Immanuel Lutheran Church in Englewood, Colorado is hosting the guests of the Severe Weather Shelter Network ( for the first time.  Volunteers and paid staff arrived at 5:30 PM, and the thirty guests began arriving at 6:00 PM.  During this first hour, Pastor Tuell, as well as another member of Immanuel who volunteers regularly, talked and prayed with the guests as they desired.

Before dinner was served at 7:00 PM, Pastor Tuell prayed that the Immanuel Fellowship Hall would be a blessing to the homeless, and that all who use it would grow in the knowledge of almighty God and in the grace to perform it to the honor and praise of His Name for the good of all people.  Pastor Tuell read Psalm 145:13-16 and then prayed that the Father bless us and the gifts which we received from His bountiful goodness.  Dinner was served by two wonderful volunteers, one of which is a member of our sister congregation, Ascension Lutheran Church in Littleton.

Later the lights will be turned off for the evening at 9:00 PM and guests will be awakened at 5:30 AM, in order to eat breakfast and clean the Fellowship Hall and related facilities prior to their departure at 7:00 AM.

As the weather is expected to be severe again on Thursday night, the SWSN has already announced that the shelter will be open again tomorrow evening.

We praise God and give Him all the glory that He has allowed the saints of Immanuel Lutheran Church to serve and love our less fortunate neighbors in the way. Additional volunteers are always needed and you can register to serve at the SWSN website.

We also want to thank the Englewood City Council, Fire Marshall, and Police who made this possible.

Pastor Jim Tuell

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