Feast of the Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist 8/29/2021

Introit                                                  Psalm 31:1, 3, 5antiphon: Revelation 7:14b

First Reading                                                                                      Revelation 6:9-11

Epistle                                                                                                          Romans 6:1-5

Gospel                                                                                                         Mark 6:14-29

Sermon                                                                                                 Revelation 6:9-11

                                      “Rest in the White Robe of Salvation”

“Rest in the White Robe of Salvation” – Sermon Audio
The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seals, from the Apocalypse Albrecht Dürer 1498


Rally Sunday – September 12, 2021 – Mark your calendar!  In addition to our return to class, we will be having a hamburger and hotdog barbecue immediately after the service.  Please indicate what side-dish or dessert that you plan to bring when you attend on the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

Sunday School – All children who are both at least three years old and “bathroom savvy” are welcome to attend.  The class meets in the basement in the large room under the Library.  On the 12th, the lesson will be “Jesus Preaches on the Mount.” 

Adult Bible Class – Beginning on the 12th, we will be studying Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.  The class meets in the basement in the Fellowship hall.

Junior Confirmation (Bible Overview) – On September 14, the lesson will be “Overview of the Bible,” including how the Bible is organized and navigated.

Junior Confirmation (Catechism Study) – On September 14, the lesson will be “Introduction to the Small Catechism,” including a definition of the Christian faith, the role of human reason, and the two great teachings of the Bible.